Optic Analysis


The elements my group chose are; Symbolism, Mood, and Color.                                                 Symbolism because the pigs symbolize the characters in the play.                                             Mood, because it reflects our feelings or emotions while looking at the art.                             Color, because it represents the reflection of the portrait.                                                         The theme I come up with is “We are all equal”, because both pigs are dressed almost the same.                                                                                                                                                          I predict that the story will have a lot of conflicts and will have a happy ending because the portrait displays equality as stated above.



Constructive Response: Who is to blame for Romeo & Juliet’s death?

In my Opinion, The Capulet family is responsible for the death of Romeo & Juliet. This is because Lord Capulet was only interested in the wealth of Paris and did not think about what will be good for his daughter. Lord Capulet in the play is a man of integrity and prosperity but he is not a good father to his daughter. He cares less for the fact that he is giving his daughter’s hand in marriage at the age of 13. They (Lord Capulet & Lady Capulet) were obsessed with becoming Royalty. Like I stated before, This is related to fact that he wanted riches. Secondly, Her mom is miserable. I say this because firstly, She doesn’t care about her daughter, Secondly, she is self-centered and is all about herself because she is young. She treats Juliet with the least importance and is carried away by her self not knowing she has a daughter to care for.

The real reason for me blaming the Capulets is due to the fact that overseeing the opinion of Tybalt just dying a Juliet still grieving, Lord Capulet still went ahead to talk about her marriage to Tybalt. Juliet is just a girl and has no idea about marriage. She is a teenager who did not enjoy the love from her parents and her childhood because it was being held back by her parents in the name of being a CAPULET.

Sonnet Analysis. Constructive Response

Shakespear develops the theme of love in sonnet 18 by using a metaphor.                                I say this because a metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is literally applicable. According to the sonnet in line 2, he says Thou art more lovely and more temperate which he is using metaphor to express his feelings for his beloved. It also says in line 9 But thy eternal summer shall not fade, applying the sun o how beautiful she is.


In the days of old, my family did not have the required resources to send my great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents to college. Growing up in an uncivilized African country was not an easy task. Due to lack of education and lack of civilization, this caused early marriages and much more. The rights of female children were being held captive because of lack of the education. But as the years went by, this has evolved with the increase of educational facilities most importantly colleges, but the past will never be forgotten. Therefore, in the same light, I do believe that a college education is important not just to Africans but to each and every person in the world so as not to repeat the mistakes made in the past. A four-year college degree is valuable because it provides good-paying jobs,  it also helps in improving the lives of children from poor backgrounds.  The world is changing due to the great increase and modern improvement of college studies and I believe it will keep developing in order for the future generations to benefit in order not to go through the same things our parents went through.                                      

In our world today, there are certain jobs that require a well-known 4-year college degree and to add, these jobs are not just good jobs but they also include a good paying salary which provides more income to you and your family. According to paragraph 6 of the article “ACTUALLY, COLLEGE IS VERY MUCH WORTH IT” by Andrew J. Rotherham, he says, “Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institution found out that without a college degree, only 14% of Americans from the bottom fifth of parental income reach the top two-fifths. But if they complete college, 41 percent of this same group can then expect to make it to the top two-fifths”. It also states in paragraph 5, “In 2010, the median weekly earnings for someone with some college but no degree were $712, compared to $1038 for a college graduate”. All these examples fall on the same idea, they fall on the same idea because without a college degree very few are determined to be prosperous in their several business departments, In the same light,  not having a college degree reduces your employment opportunities and is also a very big risk which may lead you and your family to abject poverty.

Furthermore, getting a 4-year college degree also guarantees you a good job. To add, You have a wage of higher and more opportunities. A 4-year college degree might not be useful to everyone pending on the kind of jobs they want to do in future. You will also receive more respect from your fellow friends and family members and your younger ones being nephews, cousins,  sisters or even brothers will look up to you as someone whom they can entrust and follow your footsteps. Our world today will not be as it is if not for the inventions made by great investors. Yes, In a good percentage of them did not have a college degree but their reasons for making does inventions were to make sure we would not have to go through the same thing, So making a four-year college degree very important.

To continue, The world will not be as it is today if not for the educational facilities which have been provided for us by colleges. The technology and civilization, in general, has improved because the method of training has also improved for colleges. Without the education given to us by colleges, we will not enjoy the products and facilities we do today. At most, 36% of people in the world today have a good job with a good salary and are also participating in the improvement of the society.

To conclude, An Opponent will state his/her different point of views due to their different relevant method of reasoning or thinking but, in my opinion, A 4-year college degree is very important. The generation before us did not have the opportunity to enjoy the good educational facilities in which we do today and that’s why they improved our educational facilities so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Everyone has his/her own opinion about whether a college degree is important but in my opinion, I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to have a four-year college degree.

Not Everything is as it seems.

It was my first phone and

I did not want to leave it alone.

I was so happy,

What I did not realize is the phone was fake

and then I understood the real meaning of coming of age

Don’t be too excited about what you get from people

Cause you might end up getting double.

Work for it and appreciate

Only then will you understand how much is at stake

The world is a big place

Just work for it,

and you will feel more safe.

The Most Dangerous Game

After rainsford arrives the island,he then meets the General also known General Zaroff. After a long chat with the general,he pleads with the general to assist him in finding shelter because he had no place to stay for the night and on top of that,he knew that Whitney had no idea he had fallen off the boat,he was aware of this because the night was still young.                                                                                                                                                        The general agreed and offered him a deal.The content of deal stated that he had to do something for him in return. Rainsford was extremely tired and needed a place to lay for the night and to top that,he had no clothes on.So having all this in mind,Rainsford accepted the deal and so general zaroff offered him some clothes and offered him a place to spend the night. The next morning on the Yart,There was a certain noise that rose everyone from a long night sleep,This  noise came from whitney,she screamed so loud that the birds started chirping and the waves went silent. This was after noticing that Rainsford was no longer on the Yart.They decided to go on a search to look for him and later that day,Whitney saw an island and assumed maybe Rainsford must have been there.While on the island, Rainsford rose after a long night of hardship. He saw the general and he was asked by the general to murder one of his fierce enemy.